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With all the new digital age well and truly upon us, search engine optimization is an essential part of any business as ever. With proper SEO, web sites can secure a higher presence in the Google search engine results and other top rated search engines like Yahoo and Bing. SEO also makes use of a variety of techniques and tools to help create brand credibility, recognition, and extend a company’s position on the net. From articles and tactical keyword placement to mobile phone and social internet marketing SEO continues to play an extremely crucial role in any online marketing or advertising campaign. Sadly, you can still come across a range of untrustworthy, some would say almost criminal, SEO firms that are hell-bent on ripping off unsuspecting consumers and firms. These fraudsters are basically unscrupulous folks that are merely wanting to generate some quick cash at your own cost.

Some of the Leading SEO Scams

seo-scamsWith regards to SEO scams, a guaranteed top search engine positioning is probably the most common fake claims around. These claims focus on promises to launch your brand, pages, and internet sites within the first ten search results on the internet. This, nevertheless, is probably difficult to substantiate when facing non-paid results. According to Google itself, no-one can confirm a number one search engine positioning at any time. Additionally they advise individuals to beware of SEO firms that claim to ensure number one rankings. As this is from Google itself, the easiest method to prevent this fraud is to avoid any companies or individuals that are giving this ridiculous promise.

Unique Relationships with Google

Google is the world’s main and most preferred search engine. It’s also a central hub for SEO marketing and on-line promotion tools. Because of this, a number of SEO companies try to lure in clients by proclaiming that they’ve got extraordinary relationships with the search engine. This goes as far as saying that they actually have contacts within Google who will manipulate the search results ‘just for you’ and get your website to rank at the top of the search results. Once again, this is a scam and they are simply lying to your face. They do not have unique relationships with Google nor do they have any priority ‘express routes’ to the top rankings.

Use Commonsense

So when considering engaging an SEO company to do some search engine optimisation work for you, take anything they say with a grain of salt. Use commonsense to guide your decision-making process. Ask for references and ask a few questions about their experience and purported skillset. Avoid any companies that try to lock you in to a long term contract with promises and guarantees of top rankings.

The video below covers some other ways you can identify SEO scams and what you can to avoid them. Follow these tips and you should be able to avoid the risk of falling for these scams.